East Africa

The missionary work in Kenya was initiated by District Apostle Michael Kraus from Canada. While he was on tour to Mombasa, he noticed that there was a considerable population of Indians. Since the missionary work had already started in India, he decided to send somebody from India to testify at the coast of Kenya.


The District Elder from India testified to Daniel Mutinda (later ordained as District Evangelist) and Jeremiah Njeru at Mombasa.


Daniel Mutinda took District Elder Bawer to Ikanga- Kitui, his home area in order to establish a congregation there.


District Elder Wilbert Vovak (later apostle) adopted 16 brothers into the New Apostolic faith at the Six-Eighty Hotel in Nairobi. Amongst the brothers were; Joseph Njau, Josphat Njau, Barnabas Njau, Joel Mutava, David Mutava, Julius Mutinda and Daniel Munyoki. Most of these brothers were instrumental to the growth of the New Apostolic Church  in Kenya.

The brothers congregated and made a decision to go to Embu and Mwingi and spread the gospel among the locals.

At Nairobi they established a congregation at Makandara. From here, the Priests Gilbert Manyara and Jeremiah Njeru took the Lords work to Embu and established congregations at Kivuti and Mdindiri.

The leaders of African Evangelical Presbyterian Church and their followers converted to New Apostolic Church. There were a total of 12 congregations with similar occurrences in Mwingi.


On 19 September 1975, Apostle Wilbert Vovak conducted Holy Sealing divine services at Embu. This was the first time that this holy sacrament was dispensed to the children of God in Kenya. He also ordained the first 13 Evangelists and a number of priests to take care of the children of God in Kenya.

District Evangelist Baranabas Njau testified to a brother from Western Kenya whom he met at Garisa Town. He played a key role in establishing the Lord’s work in Nyanza and the Western Provinces of Kenya. He also testified to the other pioneers such as the late Apostle Simon Anokoli and Apostle Samson Ogutu (retired)


During this year the work of the Lord experienced a phenomenal growth in Mwingi district. The faith and excitement amongst the brothers knew no bounds as they even testified during a wedding ceremony of Julius Mutinda on 14 February 1976. Subsequently, many invited guests became children of God.

On 4 May 1976, Apostle Wilbert Vovak conducted Holy Sealing divine services and ordained several priests who later pioneered the work of God. Mukuni congregation in Endui district (Endui Central today) was among the first places he held the Sealing Divine services.

The leaders of the African Evangelical Presbyterian Church had converted all their congregations into the New Apostolic faith. Three sub districts were established namely; Endui, Mumoni and Ngomeni under the leadership of David M. Mutava, James M. Ngumbi and Joseph M. Masya respectively. David M. Mutava was ordained the first evangelist of the area.

New impetus was given to the Lord’s work in Nairobi through the ordination of Joseph Kamau Njau as the first Evangelist. Seven congregations were established which included; Maringo, Dandora, Botela, Ngei 2 (the current Kariobangi), Mathare and Kibera.


In August 1977, David Kariuki was the first local ordained for Kenya to assist the Apostle Vovak.


From 11 - 16 January 1980, Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler visited Kenya. This was the first time the country experienced and saw a Chief Apostle.

On January, 13, the Chief Apostle conducted a Divine service at Kangaru- Embu where he dedicated the church building which was completed the day before. In the evening he visited members at Mutugu congregation. He held a short Divine service for the brothers and sisters in the village church.

On 17 June 1990, District Apostle Kraus dedicated the South “C” church building – which was then considered to be the Central congregation and the Administration office.

Chief Apostle Fehr visited Kenya from 23 – 26 June 1990 and on 24 June he conducted a divine service at the South “C” church. On 25 June the Chief Apostle Fehr together with the apostles and their wives visited the congregations of Mwana Wikio and Marengeta and prayed with the members.


In May 1996, Chief Apostle Fehr visited Kenya for the second time and celebrated the Feast Day of Pentecost in the South “C” congregation. He was accompanied by all the apostles of the world (a total of 260 apostles attended) and conducted an International Apostle’s Meeting in Kenya.


On 28 January 2001, Chief Apostle Fehr visited Kenya for the second time. He ordained 9 apostles and 20 bishops. Among the newly ordained bishops was the current District Apostle Lubasi.

In September 2001, Apostle Wilbert Vovak was placed into an honorable and well deserved retirement. The work of God in Kenya was then placed under the care of Apostle William Hammer who was ably assisted by many brothers from the USA who diligently sacrificed to build a sound foundation for the work of God.


On 16 April 2004, Chief Apostle Fehr visited Kenya for the third time and retired the Apostle Daniel Njuguna who pioneered the work of God in East Africa.

In May 2006, Chief Apostle Leber visited Kenya for the first time as Chief Apostle. On 13 May he conducted a Youth Service at Kangaru Embu and on Sunday, 14 May, he conducted a Confirmation Service in South “C” in which 80 young brethren received Confirmation blessings.

During this Divine service, three pioneers of the church in Kenya were placed into honourable retirement. They were; Apostle Jackson Kadenge, Bishop Joseph Ngoro and Bishop Johnstone Simekha.


In March 2007, Chief Apostle announced his desire to create more self sustained district churches in Africa that is:

  • self-governing
  • more self-supporting, and
  • Self-propagating.

On 11 November 2007, during a Divine Service by Chief Apostle Leber conducted in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania Apostle Lubasi was commissioned as District Apostle Helper to assist the District Apostle Freund (retired) and District Apostle Kolb and care for the three countries in East Africa namely, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


During a visit by Chief Apostle Leber to Uganda on 29 March 2009, he ordained the District Apostle Helper Lubasi as District Apostle and charged with the responsibility to care for the three countries. East Africa then officially became a District Church.