East Africa

1979: Brothers from Kenya brought testimony of the New Apostolic doctrine to Uganda for the first time in Mawero village, Tororo District. Over 100 souls attended divine service on the Kenyan side and were sealed by Apostle Simon Anokoli.

1980: Apostle Anokoli conducted the first New Apostolic Church divine service on the Ugandan soil. Many souls from Tororo District were sealed and three priests were ordained to take care of the first congregations. Apostle Edward Deppner entered Uganda with some brothers through Rwanda border and established a congregation at Kabale in western Uganda.

1982: Apostle Wilbert Vovak visited Uganda for the first time and established several sub-districts. Many souls were sealed in Bukhaliha congregation and also appointed a rector.

1984: Deacon Mangori conducted the first divine service in Kampala city. The same year Apostle Walter Parry from Kenya visited Kampala, Uganda but could not hold divine services because the church was not yet registered with government authorities. In some other parts of the country, Apostle Njuguna from Kenya was able some congregations.

1985: AP Walter Parry conducted a divine service at the Speke Hotel lobby in which 32 souls were sealed and Edward Seruuma ordained to the priest ministry.

1986: Shepherd Kiboba (Rwanda) and Priest Deppner (now District Apostle, DRC Congo West) established the Lord’s work in Mbarara and Masaka.

1989: District Elder Edward Seruuma was ordained as the first Ugandan apostle by Chief Apostle Fehr in Zaire (now DRC Congo)

1993: Three apostles were ordained in a divine service in Germany to take care of Uganda. These included Apostles; Francis Webisa, Albert Muzaale and James Kimera. The Lord’s work blossomed through the activity of the four apostles.

1995: On 20th August, goes into the records of history as the first time a Chief Apostle stepped on Ugandan soil, the pearl of Africa. The Chief Apostle Fehr conducted a divine service in Kampala.

2000: Apostle Kolb (now District Apostle, USA) was commissioned as District Apostle Helper and was made responsible for Uganda

2007: Announcement by Chief Apostle Leber to create East Africa District and commissioning of Apostle Shadreck Lubasi as District Apostle Helper in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2009: On 29th March, in a divine service held in Kampala, Chief Apostle Leber ordained DAH Lubasi to the District Apostle ministry and charged with the responsibility to care for God’s children in East Africa.