East Africa

KUMEA currently has 6 board members and 4 permanent staff based in Nairobi. The board oversees the running of the organization. Community Liaison officers are volunteers appointed to a project for a fixed duration and are responsible for coordinating the activities of common Interest groups (CIGs) and reporting to the secretariat. They are not paid and they work closely with Kumea’s regional committees. 


To promote sustainable economic development activities among communities where it has operations and thus realize a community that is secure in food supply and makes informed choices.


KUMEA’s core business is;

  • Responding to natural & man-made disasters by providing relief assistance. 
  • Implementing projects in both development and emergency contexts.
  • Helping establish effective and mutually beneficial partnerships with NGO’s, farmer organizations and other institutions in order to mobilize funds to benefit the rural poor.
  • Assisting to solve environmental problems to make life better for people while protecting the planet for future generations.