New Apostolic Church

East Africa

AP Kamunyu visit to Lodwar, August 2013

What a fruitful visit!

From 9-11 August 2013, Apostle Francis Kamunyu visited the congregations in Lodwar; which is located in northern Kenya and conducted three divine services. This area is under the care of Bishop Nicholas Lorua.

The first day the apostle conducted a divine service in Lokichar congregation in Lodwar south. 161 members were in attendance. The following day the apostle had the opportunity to serve 298 youth in Napuu congregation in Lodwar central.

The apostle had the opportunity also to visit Canaan congregation. This is a unique congregation because it was started in 2008 following the 2007-2008 post election violence in Kenya. Today these members live in anIDP (internally displaced people) camp and this might turn to be their permanent home because the government is building houses for them. So many congregations were closed as a result of the violence but what a blessing to have a vibrant and viable congregation started then!

The members kept their faith even in such difficult times. They came together and built a make shift shelter; where they could gather for divine services. This congregation has an amazing hope and determination as a result they have decided to put up a better structure. Steel bars for the pillars as well as the roof rafters are already in place. They are looking forward to complete the floor, walls and the roof. So far the members have managed without assistance from the church administration office.

The highlight of the visit was a re-dedication divine service on Sunday, 11 August 2013 at Nakamane congregation in Lodwar west where 872 members had gathered to be served by the ambassador of Christ. Five years ago, the roof of the church building had been blown off by strong winds and caused serious damages on the walls as well. It took the efforts of members who contributed generously and support from the church administration office to accomplish the repairs.

At the climax of the divine service; forty two (42) ministers were ordained for various congregations in Lodwar.  These included 11 Community Evangelists, 18 priests and 13 deacons. This will go a long way in ensuring that children of God receive sufficient and quality soulcare.

At the end of these blessed and joyful moments; the apostle could only say, “What a fruitful visit?”