New Apostolic Church

East Africa

Apostle Vincent Wofile retires …25th January 2014.

The district apostle’s main focus in this divine service was the Lord Jesus’ words to those who asked where He was staying, and he summarized as follows; ‘’COME, SEE and STAY’’.

He posed the following question to the congregation; ‘’what do we see here in God’s house’’? Some people come and go without seeing anything but he admonished the congregation to use spiritual eyes so that we can remain in His house. He went on to say that it was not everyone that followed Jesus that time was a true follower. Some came for healing; others for food and still others thought He came to rule. The Apostles recognized the true son of God in Him and followed genuinely and the Lord promised them eternal life. We must therefore remain as we are being prepared to be the firstlings.

The district apostle went further saying that we must recognize the Lord’s call to us. He referred to the sick and lame at the pool of Bethes’da. They were all looking up for the angel to stir the water while the Lord Himself was standing in their midst, and even when He healed one of them, the others never paid any attention.

He concluded the divine service by saying it does not matter what we have gone through or done but we must up to the future.

26th January 2014. Divine service in Masasi town.

The district apostle spoke of us being in a boat which the Lord Jesus left. Sometimes the sea becomes rough but we must keep our faith strong.  He is always ready to help as he helped Peter who almost sunk because of unbelief.  We should never in any circumstance doubt as that will make us sink.

We belong to the heavenly kingdom even though we are currently in this world which is Satan’s kingdom. While here we have three major enemies:

  1. Our bodies ( desires)
  2. The Devil (Setting traps for us)
  3. The world (many enticing things)

The district apostle again spoke of looking up to the goal instead of looking around at say our buildings or our leaders in comparison to other churches etc.

Among those called to serve along was Apostle Vincent Wofile. The apostle had one more time to serve at the alter just before his retirement. He had a special plea to the members; that they remain united and faithful!