New Apostolic Church

East Africa

Chief Apostle in Dodoma, Tanzania

After close to one and half years, the Chief Apostle was able to travel outside Europe. His scheduled trip to NAC East Africa district happened on the 13th August 2021 when he arrived in Daresalaam, Tanzania and conducted a Divine service in Dodoma on Sunday 15th August 2021. Some 3,876 members attended the Divine Service. During this pastoral trip, District Apostle Joseph Opemba Ekhuya (East Africa), District Apostle Leonard Kolb (USA), and District Apostle Helpers Patrick Mkhwanazi (Southern Africa) and Robert Nsamba (Zambia) accompanied the Chief Apostle. In attendance were all Apostles and Bishops from Tanzania and Apostle James Mutinda from Kenya. District Elders Daniel Ochogo Ooko and Cosmas Barasa Wanjala were ordained as Apostles for Kenya.

The Bible text for the sermon was Genesis 3:9: “Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, where are you?” 

While starting the sermon, the Chief Apostle expressed his happiness that after such a long time, he could experience a service in such a big circle and enjoy the big choir again. He then proceeded to mentioning some of the questions which people are often asked in times of difficulties; “Where is your God? Why does He not help? Why does He not prevent you from suffering this or that? Why did He not help you to avoid these awful things? Chief Apostle gave us the answers to the question “Where is your God?:-

  • God the Father, the creator is still at work, He cares for His creation, He cares for us.
  • God the Son is here. He went on the cross for us, He went to His Father to prepare a place for us and now He is with His Father and He is our advocate.
  •  God the Holy Spirit is at work. He is at work in the Church. He provides us comfort and strength and grace.

The Chief Apostle continued elaborating on the bible text and explained why God asked Adam “Where are you? and yet He (God) knew everything. He wanted Adam to examine himself and reflect on his position in relation to God’s will; said the Chief Apostle. God wanted him to check whether he still trusted God or had drifted away from Him.

Today, God asks us, “You know where I am, but where are you?”. God wants us to check whether we have drifted away from Him or are still with Him. The Chief Apostle appealed to the members not to be torn between two opinions especially in times of difficulty. To illustrate this, he gave the example of Elijah and the question that he posed to the people of Israel on Mount Carmel. Today God wants us to trust Him, to work for Him and to serve Him. The Chief Apostle urged the members to examine their position of faith again.  

He concluded the sermon by admonishing the members to always consider carefully what they say or do to their neighbour. Always treat your neighbour the way Jesus treats you. Jesus’ answer to our life’s questions is always the same: I love you, I forgive you, and I want to save you; follow me”. Concluded the Chief Apostle.