New Apostolic Church

East Africa

District Apostle Visit to Kenya East 3 (Mwingi)

It was to the joy of God’s Children in Ngomeni, Kenya East 3 when for the first time the newly commissioned District Apostle Helper Joseph Opemba Ekhuya travelled to this region to conduct a Divine Service at Ngomeni Town church on 20th July 2013.

The District Apostle Helper went to conduct the Divine Service on behalf of the District Apostle Lubasi who had travelled to Zurich for the funeral service of retired Chief Apostle Richard Fehr. It is worthy to note that this was the very first service of the DAH after his commission in that capacity by our dear Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider at a festive divine service held on 14th July 2013 at Kampala, Uganda.

The District Apostle Helper was welcomed by the area Apostle Jonathan Mutua and his counterpart Apostle Jacob Nyamai. It was a great occasion whereby over 2000 members attended. The sermon was based in the book of Amos 5:4 “For thus says the Lord, to the house of Israel. Seek me and live”.

After the festive divine service, the choir rendered a few hymns.

On Sunday, 21st July 2013, the long awaited divine service by the District Apostle Shadreck Lubasi was at hand. The service was scheduled to take place at Kyuso congregation in Kenya East 3, the working area of Apostle Jonathan Mutua.

The District Apostle was accompanied by District Apostle Helper Joseph Opemba Ekhuya, Apostle Chitemo (Tanzania), Apostle Maneno (Tanzania), Apostle Muyera (Kenya) as well as Bishop Alvin Witten from Cape town. More than 2400 members attended this festive divine service. The text word was based on Revelations 3:8 “I know your works, look, I have set before you and open door which no one is able to shut…… You have kept my word and you have not denied my name”.

After the service the choir had some presentations to the Joy of all those who attended. As a surprise the congregation joined the choir to sing the happy birthday song for the District Apostle; whose birthday anniversary was the following day.
At the end of these blessed and joyful moments; the apostle could only say, “What a fruitful visit?”