New Apostolic Church

East Africa

East Africa Apostles Meeting for Year 2016

All the Apostles of East Africa had gathered at Milele guest house in Nairobi from Thursday 17th November to Sunday 20th November 2016 for their annual Apostles meeting. A training consultant had been engaged by the church to facilitate the learning of a number of important topics including:-

  • Personal organization
  • Time management
  • Risk Assessment


The Apostles also reviewed the children and youth policy-code of ethics for youth coordinators. They were also briefed on the activities of the year 2016 with a major focus being placed on:- 

  • Progress of the hands-on Training for ministers
  • Construction projects and current policy
  • Progress of Music training in the Apostle areas.
  • Humanitarian work by Kumea for the year 2015-16 

The meeting ended on Saturday morning and was immediately followed by a Choral Concert at our South C Church. The Apostles commended the choir for a good performance. The next day, Sunday 20th November, the District Apostle conducted a festive divine service at South C with all the Apostles present. He used a bible text from Malachi 3:18.