New Apostolic Church

East Africa

The District Apostle Shadreck Lubasi Visit to Nakuru

It was a special eve on Saturday, April 11, 2015 when the District Apostle Shadreck Lubasi visited Nakuru Central congregation in Nairobi North district, the working area of Apostle James Mutinda. The members appeared animated to grasp the last moments with the District Apostle, in his active ministry, while conducting his very last divine service in the area before retirement.

“remain faithful and continue doing the good works”

This was the message that the District Apostle had for the congregation. It was extracted from the book Philippians 1: 6 “Being confident of this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ:”

The District Apostle full of confidence assured the congregation that the Almighty God who started the good work of salvation in us, He will complete it in the day of Christ’s return. He appealed to the congregation to remain faithful and continue doing good works till the end. The District Apostle explained of two types of works; the dead works and good works. He said that the dead works are things done with an intentional personal benefit whereas the good works are labours of love which are righteous and fruitful to the congregation and then to the neighbor. He called up on the congregation to be confident that nothing happens in this world that heaven does not know. We are not supposed to be bound by the changes of the time but always accept God’s will. Our Lord Jesus is still doing the good work of preparing a place for the faithful, and will be completed in His day of return.

While the District Apostle knew the mood of the congregation and their anxieties for his retirement, he assured the congregation of better future under the leadership of his successor. He mentioned that the circumstances and times belong to God and therefore they should trust in him who started the good work in them. He elevated the joy of the congregation by his inspiring Swahili quote, “Mbele iko sawa” meaning, “the future is alright”.

After the divine service, the area Apostle James Mutinda presented to the District Apostle a special gift of art design portrait of the District Apostle with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and the retired Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber on behalf of the Nairobi North District.  

Thereafter, the choirs presented a festive concert of music to the District Apostle, and as he himself was the pioneer of the music in the East Africa district, jubilations hit every corner at one point when the District Apostle conducted a song sung bythe ministers.

The District Apostle finally thanked the congregation for their love for God’s work and their support during his tenure of over 20 years as a church minister in East Africa.

The service was attended by 407 members!